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About Miho

Miho is an online platform tailored to be a holistic digital ecosystem for creators, educators & learners, where they can engage & thrive with ease & explore endless possibilities to monetize their knowledge & expertise.

Our Goal

With state of the art tech, multiple tool integrations, third party content embeds, and inbuilt communities, Miho aims at revolutionizing the world of online learning.

Empowering creators & learners with secure, scalable & fuzz free technology to deliver their courses, thereby allowing them to focus on creating content.

Creating a smart & effective platform for creators which facilitates them to do more, earn more & grow more by expanding their offerings beyond boundaries.

Building a simple yet robust learning ecosystem that caters to every need of the educators & learners in a seamless manner & is universally accessible.

the team

Creators of Miho

Jimish Parekh

Software developer

A full stack engineer by profession, Jimish loves all things tech, from the front to the back.(Hope you got the pun!). When not making kick-ass products he is found on adventurous rides capturing moments from the world in its complete glory.

Hanuj Tilwani

Software developer

Our inhouse ‘Socrates’, Hanuj is all about people, processes & learning. A phenomenal experience in the Ed. Tech industry & driving growth is his superpower. If asked to take a break, he might end up making another business call!

Meet the rest of the team

With the perfect blend of young enthusiastic talent & seasoned veterans in their respective fields of work, Miho has created the perfect recipe to success.

Ali Haider Khan

Frontend Developer

Has a knack for technical research & architecting a simple yet sophisticated user experience.

Abhilash Pandey

Frontend Developer

Translates things into usable code. Optimizes things for max performance. Adapts  to devices & browsers.

Heet Vakharia

Frontend Development Intern

Translates things into usable code. Optimizes things for max performance. Adapts  to devices & browsers.

Devduttsinh Chudasama

Backend Developer

Is in a relationship with network applications. Always looks after their deployment & maintenance.

Dharmik Patel

Web Developer

Our in-house construction ninja. Talks in HTML & CSS. Eliminates bugs faster than antiseptics can.

the story

Story of Miho

Let’s rewind to the year 2020!


The world was grappling with a new normal ( Yup ! we didn’t want to utter the dreaded word, ok all right, here it is – The pandemic, COVID-19 wave, Lockdown, call it whatever you want, it was scary & definitely not normal. Period.)


Like everyone else, locked in homes, learners & creators all over the world were fiddling with everything available on the internet to keep the learning on so that the world can move on.


To make use of all the time at hand, our creators too, got online to learn & upgrade their skills.


They went through multiple programs, the course advertisements were great, but taking up any offering, really didn’t happen in three simple clicks ! (as they are generally told to be)


Our creators did learn a lot from all these courses, programs & certifications, perhaps a little more than they intended to! (yeah, really!)


High screen-time, innumerable platforms, varied ways of content delivery, multiple tools for different features, different apps for communication, Our creators & their online educators were definitely struggling to make it work effectively.


But hey, every challenge leads to a solution & this whole affair led to a perfect Eureka Moment!


This moment, right here is what we call – ‘MIHO’ AKA ‘Make it Happen Online’


MIHO was born out of necessity, to simplify online learning for learners, creators & educators.


How is it different ? Well it practically lets you do everything that is difficult to do on other platforms , it offers cohort based learning, white -labelled solutions, multiple integrations & much more.


Use it to create, sell, engage, promote or market your offerings, it will help you do it all, right from a single platform.


Fast Forwards to the year 2021 ! You now have Miho & the world is definitely getting much better. Go on, Signup today on Miho to make a difference or leave a dent in the universe.