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Gumroad is that it allows you to sell practically anything — templates, courses, ebooks, comic books, coloring sheets, and so much more. But it might not be great if you don't believe someone should get a 10% cut from your income for just providing a platform to sell your products.

This is why many creators look for a low-cost alternative to Gumroad. If you are a creator who wants to create and sell your online courses, then this article is for you.

Top 10 Low-Cost Gumroad Alternatives

1. Miho

Miho is a cost-effective, user-friendly platform for creating online courses without needing technical expertise or a large budget. It offers a combination of marketing tools, website building, and content delivery in one package, simplifying the process and saving time. Features include live and recorded content, courses organized by cohort, and customer engagement through WhatsApp and email marketing.

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Pricing: Get started for free. Paid plan starts from $25/per month

2. Sellfy

Selling digital and physical goods online is easy with Sellfy. What makes this unique is that it includes a print-on-demand option. Sellfy's flexibility in allowing you to embed your online store on any website is another of its best features. With plenty of built-in marketing features, there is no doubt why creators love selling on Sellfy.

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Pricing: It has 3 plans and ranges between 19$ - 49$.

3. Shopify

With Shopify, you can quickly and easily create an online shop with the included tools and templates. Shopify includes everything from the shop's landing page to the uploading of products and collection of payments. Shopify integrates with lots of apps that allow you to collect testimonials, send coupon codes or update product images quickly.

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Pricing: The subscriptions start at 38$ per month.

4. Soundwise

For voice content creators and podcasters, Soundwise is a great option. It can be used to generate income through the sale of audio projects and premium podcasts. Producers have the option of charging a one-time fee, charging subscribers, or renting out their audio projects.

Image of Soundwise dashboard or home page

Pricing: Soundwise has 4 tier plans. For starters, it’s just 23$ per month and it increases up to 469$ per month for major projects and organizations.

5. Podia

Podia focuses primarily on helping you sell digital products — content, subscription services, and online courses. It offers tools for creating digital products alongside the tools you'll need to sell them (such as a checkout, web page builder, product marketing tools, etc.).

Image of Podia dashboard or home page

Pricing: The limited free plan is available with 8% transaction fees, The paid plan is available with 0 transaction fees and starts at 33$ when billed annually.

6. Etsy

Etsy is the original platform for artists to sell and promote their products. It would appear that the majority of the items for sale on Etsy are tangible goods, such as clothing, jewelry, and presents. However, you can also sell digital downloads and printables.

Image of Etsy dashboard or home page

Pricing: It charges 6.5% fees but also has an Etsy plus plan which changes to 10$ per month with extra features.

7. SendOwl

SendOwls's primary goal has been to supply designers and small firms with an easy checkout system. SendOwl's user interface is intuitive. All that is required of you is to sign up and publish your product. When you're done, you'll have access to a Quick Sell link, the option to promote your product via social media, and the code to add a Buy Now toggle to your blog or site.

Image of SendOwl dashboard or home page

Pricing: It has a free plan with a 5% per-order management fee. The paid plans range between 15$ to 99$ with fewer POM fees.

8. Teachable

Teachable is a platform that makes it simple to launch a learning website, add coursework to an existing one, or combine the two. Teachable allows you to post any kind of file or content, from video to audio to pictures to documents to PDFs. Vouchers, promotional offers, affiliate programs, and email marketing are just some of the marketing tools available on this platform.

Image of Teachable dashboard or home page

Pricing: It has a free plan and the paid plan starts at 39$.

9. Payhip

Payhip is great because it allows you to integrate a payment gateway into any website. Your customers will be able to instantly download your item files after making a purchase, and they will also receive an email with a download link. On Payhip, it is possible to prevent the illegal distribution of your products by using a PDF stamp.

Image of Payhip dashboard or home page

Pricing: The free plan is available with 5% transaction fees and the paid plan starts at 29$ with 2% transaction fees.

10. ThriveCart

ThriveCart gives you the tools you need to set up a fully functional online store, from the cart pages to the sales funnels. There's a built-in learning management system (LMS) and lots of file formats are supported. It also has built-in analytics that you can use to track metrics like visitor and customer conversion rates.

Image of ThriveCart dashboard or home page

Pricing: It has a one-time payment option with unlimited features at 495$.

Which platform is the best Gumroad alternative

Gumroad is not the only option for creating and selling digital products for online courses. We hope the list above is enough for you to find your perfect fit.

We would suggest you check out Miho. It is an affordable solution for making online courses without the need for specialized knowledge or a sizable budget. It's an all-in-one solution that streamlines your marketing, website-building, and content distribution needs.