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Your search for a Podia alternative is finally over

No technical headaches, no waiting for support, just a beautiful all-in-one platform you can rely on to run your business.

Establish Integrated Communication

No more bothersome multiple chat windows. No more switching apps. Stay connected to your community using the built-in chat feature, and Integrated Whatsapp & Telegram communication.

Seamless Hybrid Content Delivery

Miho leaves the questions of ‘how’ & ‘when’ to you. We value the tailored needs of each user. Thus, our creators can choose to upload either or both- live and recorded courses.

Community Discussions

Unlike Podia, Miho lets you expand your network & build a community. A host of features allow you to stay connected with your audience, send regular updates and facilitate enriching discussions.

Miholearn vs Podia

Miholearn and Podia are both great platforms for creators, but which one is right for you? In this video, we’ll compare the two and give you the info you need to decide.

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Comparing Miho vs. Podia

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What gives Miho the required edge over Podia?

Here are some more of the reasons creators have shared for why they’ve chosen Miho to power their business.

The ability to do it all under one roof

Being a complete marketplace for all creation, marketing & selling needs, Miho spares you the horror of hopping from one platform/tool for running individual tasks.

Offers both Live & Recorded courses

Unlike Podia, Miho is a one stop shop for all learning needs. Facilitating both Live & recorded workshops, the platform is here to raise the bar for the online learning world.

Stay connected with the community

Miho comes with inbuilt and integrated chat, messaging, and emailing services which not only allows smoother communication, but also boosts networking & lead generation.

Rewards for the learner community

Miho believes in appreciation. To celebrate every win, the platform offers Customizable certificate templates that can be scheduled for course completion.

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