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comparison overview

Where does Miho stand against the competition?

We want you to choose the best platform for yourself, even if it’s not us.

Online course platforms

Miho’s integration with renowned video conferencing & streaming platforms like Zoom & Youtube gives an edge over competitors with laggy video services.

Quizzes and Assignments

Miho’s in-stream attachments feature & downloadable digital content provides complete ease of assessing the students via quizzes & assignments.

Seamless payments

With multiple payment gateways integrated within the platform, payment plans, bundles & more Miho takes the ease of doing business to the next level.


Miho’s inbuilt community, no ad based earning model of business, shareable content, and inbuilt upselling, ensure that your brand never goes unnoticed.


When it comes to connectivity, nobody comes close to Miho. Inbuilt chat, integrated Whatsapp & Telegram, dedicated email & sms tools have got you covered.

Custom websites

Unlike its competition, Miho offers completely customizable layouts for landing pages that have Designs & features to go with your products & aesthetics.


With over 10 integrated tools across- video services, mailing, messaging, payments, designing, development & more, Miho is in a league of its own.


Miho vs. our competitors