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For Professionals

You have got great skills. You have extra time at hand & the knowledge that the world seeks. So what are you waiting for?

Go Online

Digitize your skills

Miho takes away the hassle of creating, organizing, co-ordinating, & selling through multiple platforms, and allows you to do it all at one place. Save your time and cut down on the expenses

Go Live

Custom Landing Pages

Create web pages for every course in minutes. Create your own brand, market and sell with simple tools. No need to shell out money for designers & developers. Add features to fit your needs.

Go big

Sell with ease

Know your target audience, build your niche, create a need for your products, try to offer an experience instead of a product, define the right price point, turn your name into an unforgettable brand.

Go Coach

Educate Seamlessly

Your growth is directly proportional to the value you add to your learning community’s life. As a 360° solution for creators, Miho enables individuals to do everything that an established brand does.

Go Interact

Foster lasting Relationships

As an individual coach, trainer, educator or solopreneur, your community is the second biggest asset you have after your skill-set. The stronger the engagement you create, the bigger your community grows