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use cases / for small scale industries

For small scale industries

For a small scale business, connecting with the right audience is far more important than any other established business. Your business is at a stage where building an unforgettable brand identity & establishing lifelong relationships with your audience sets the way forward to success.

Create conveniently

Digitize contents

Miho enables streamlined digitized operations using integrated tools to facilitate instant & universal access to resources, rapid analysis, interaction, management, collaboration, tracking & more.

Develop comfortably

Custom landing page

Create web pages for every course in minutes. Create your own brand, market and sell with simple tools. No need to shell out money for designers & developers. Add features to fit your needs

Sell smartly

Sell & Market with ease

Know your audience, identify your target market, create a need for your products, try to offer an experience instead of a product, define the right price point, leverage brand value & sell your products

Teach Flexibly

Cohort & Self-paced learning

Make remote-learning streamlined. Powered by multiple tools, Miho’s synchronous and asynchronous learning gives the flexibility to choose from conventional group learning & one-to-one coaching.