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Hassle-free migrations

We offer migrations from any platform for your products and customers at no extra cost! All you need to do is sign up for an annual plan.

How it works

We’ll give you a time estimate once we get started and let you know the second it’s done. Because we take extra care to manually migrate your data, we don’t offer refunds on the first year of your annual plan.

Quick answers

Migrations of products and customers is completely FREE when you choose annual billing on any paid plan.

Basic, Growth, and Pro plans qualify; just choose annual billing when you select your plan.

We’ll migrate your products, customers and newsletter subscribers for FREE according to the following plan limits:

  1. Basic : 1 product
  2. Growth : 5 products
  3. Pro : 10 products

Most migrations are completed within 1-2 weeks, depending on how much content we’re moving and the current backlog for our team. If you’d like an estimate before signing up, just click the chat in the bottom right of this page or email with the subject “Migration estimate”. Thanks!